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Poem: Dream Suicide

Some people will try to get you to kill your dreams

They will tell you that it is not possible

They will tell you that it will never work

They will say that you are wasting your time

But they don’t know you

They don’t see the vision that God has placed inside of you

You are not operating on luck, you have faith

You are not everybody else, you have God’s anointing

So you don’t listen to dream killers who want you to commit suicide to your dreams

I sometimes wonder if some people truly know God

If they really knew Him, they would know to encourage

If they really understood God, they would not dissuade

They would pray for and encourage you

They would ask how they could help you

They would be a bridge and not an impediment

But you cannot let your dreams be killed

You must have faith and walk toward realizing them

Keep your eyes and focus on the Lord

He will sustain and maintain you


Have faith

Keep building the vision

And know that the Lord is with you

Don’t let anything or anybody turn you around

You will make it

You will persevere

I believe in you

I will pray for you

I will be a bridge for you

I know that God will make a way for you

So keep marching to your destiny

A new dawn is rising

A poem by Jeremy Markeith Thompson 2013

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Shake Them Haters Off

For this post, I must use some slang and tell you to “shake your haters off” and give them to God. Haters come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. They are people who seek to break you down before seeking to build you up. They are distractions which seek to take your focus off of God and into their madness and chaos. But I am here to tell you that you do not need to pay them any attention. Give them to God and keep moving toward your life destiny!

Most haters know that you are blessed and have the favor of God over your life. They only seek to derail your life and cause you to spiritually and physically crash. They do not want you to get to your goals. They only want you to have a mental breakdown. However, you must never forget that God is fully in control of the situation. You do not need to even acknowledge the hater. Shake them off and give them to God. Let God handle your haters. You make sure you do God’s will for your life.

Trust me, every God-fearing person has people who seek to annihilate them and keep them from manifesting God’s goodness for the world. However, that must not stop you from doing what God needs you to do for His kingdom. Stay firm, stay strong, keep the faith, and know that God is there for you. You are too blessed to be stressed by haters. Shake them haters off and let God deal with them. Do God’s work only!

Trust God. Life Happens.

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Love Yourself And Ignore Negative People

I recently went to Walmart to purchase lunch. I was wearing my red and black Ghanaian dashiki (shirt). On the way walking in and while leaving, I was noticeably laughed at by some Walmart workers for my style of dress. For the record, I am completely comfortable wearing my clothing. In fact, when I visited Ghana, I picked out the fabric for my dashiki and had a seamstress make it for me. I am proud of my African heritage and being able to wear clothing that reminds me of my time spent in Ghana.

I love myself and I am not going to worry about what other people think of my clothing style. God has brought me too far to get caught up in caring over other people’s opinions. The old me would have felt ridiculed and sought to pay back the people laughing by saying ungodly words. But I love myself too much to blow minor incidents into major catastrophes. I simply smiled at the people and continued to walk to my car. Praise God!

I want you to know that when you love yourself, you don’t put too much stock into what negative people think about you. You simply manifest what God has placed inside of you. You know that you serve a great God and that you must only shine for God. Do not let negative people dim your spiritual light. The best thing that you can do for negative people is pray for them and ask that God gives them the ability to be comfortable in their skin. But you continue to love yourself, be the person that God created you to be for His kingdom, and keep your eyes on God.

Trust God. Life Happens.

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Saying Goodbye To Life Distractions

As I walk with God I have been looking over my life. I noticed that I have some distractions in my life. I can no longer allow them to have a place  in my life. They do not give me anything of value. They only take my time, mind, and body. I give up all of these things to be able to get the clutter out of my life. I only want to do the will of God.

1. I am saying goodbye to World Star Hip Hop. I am tired of watching videos that glorify violence and ignorance.

2. I am saying goodbye to music sung or rapped in the English language.

3. I am saying goodbye to sports. In particular, I will not go to or any sports-oriented website.

4. I am saying goodbye to fast food.

5. I am saying goodbye to keeping up with the news.

6. I am saying goodbye to negative and toxic people.

7. I am saying goodbye to a career in teaching English overseas or working as a flight attendant.

8. I am saying goodbye to video games.

Lord, I pray in Jesus name that you will help me keep these distractions out of my life. I know that they only keep me from fully serving you. I ask that you come into my life in a mighty way and show me exactly what you need me to do for you. I only seek to serve you Lord. Do with me and my life as you wish Lord. Let your Holy Will be done Father God! In the mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

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Dealing With Negative and Hurtful People

When negative and hurtful people want you to kill them with anger, frustration and vile words, choose instead to kill them with love. We live in a world where our world leaders choose to kill with bombs and warfare versus killing with love. So it is only “natural” that we will make the poor decision to use negativity and violence to achieve our objectives. Doing that only leads to increased negativity and violence. Choosing to kill with love leads to a healthier and more sustainable world.

People do not know how to cope with being killed with love. They will expect you to use their tone of voice and word choice in response. When you do not take the bait and use love instead, you leave them love bombed. A love bomb causes people to become stunned, at a loss for words and completely shocked in disbelief. They do not anticipate the love response.

We must be the change that we want to see in the world. If we do not want something in our world, we need to not buy into it. So we leave hate, pain and frustration on the shelf and choose to freely give love, patience, understanding and respect. Of course, some people are going to be late adopters or never make the decision to kill with love, but that should not stop us or be a deterrent to keep us from killing with love. God calls for us to love others like we love ourselves. Kill them with love!

Trust God. Life Happens.

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Let People Talk

My mother used to tell me that they talked bad about Jesus. And she would add to that, what makes you think that people will not talk bad about you? I always wanted all people to love me and treat me with kindness. I never imagined that some people would say negative things about me and not even know me.

Growing up, I always assumed that I could create positive relationships and experiences with all people. As long as I genuinely treated them with respect, they would respect me.

Unfortunately, I have learned the hard way that some people say negative things about you no matter how much you respect and love them. I have found that I cannot change what people say and think about me no matter how hard I try. Arghh!

Fortunately, with God’s help, He keeps reminding me to focus on Him and not on the negative words spewing from others lips. He reminds me that He is in control. He has control of the person and He has control of me. Hallelujah!

Trust God. Life Happens.


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The Company You Keep

Be careful of the company that you keep. Are you hanging out with people who drag you down and keep you from being the person God made you to be? Are you lowering your standards to be “loved” and “accepted” by others? If you are, in the end, you will lose sight of yourself, tarnish your reputation and endure some negative life consequences. Some of your choices will easily wash away. Other choices might permanently stain and scar you for life. Right now, if you are in this situation, you have the ability to make a personal choice to change your situation.

Trust me, in my life, I have tried so hard to fit in and diminish the real me to be accepted by others. At the end of the day, I have been left disillusioned, used and treated like a disposable item. Now, I refuse to lower my standards. I choose to hang out with people who encourage me to go after my life goals and live a positive life. I am no longer desperate to be accepted by the “cool kids”. I completely love myself and will not purposefully put myself in a negative situation. I am not going to smoke marijuana or binge drink to be cool. I am not going to watch porn to be cool. I am not going to not be myself to gain acceptance.

I choose to be independent and live my life. At 33, I still get laughed at for being intelligent and using “big” words. However, I know that God made me this way. I am not to be ashamed of who I am. I am to be thankful to God for making me. I am to walk proud and honor God. At the same time, I am very aware of the company that I keep.

I hope that you will be aware of the company you keep. If the people you hang with are dragging you down or you are lowering your standards, please find the strength to break away from them. God bless and keep you!


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Birds, Birds, Birds

Be careful to not surround yourself with Birds. Birds are negative people that chirp (negatively talk), but they do not add anything positive to your life. Birds should be avoided at all costs. They are constantly negative and toxic. They are not healthy for you spiritually, mentally, physically or cognitively. In the end, they take away from your life experience. They are Birds!

For example, I know people who never have anything positive to say. You can tell them that you won a million dollars and they will find something negative to say. My response has been to limit the interaction that I have with Birds. If I must interact with them, I make sure I keep the conversation polite and short. I do not want their negative energy.

We are too blessed by God to allow our spirit to be negatively impacted by Birds.

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