Poem: Fuck Addiction

Note: I needed to use the word “fuck” and “shit” to get across my point about addiction. Please excuse the language, but it is NECESSARY to get my point across! Thanks and enjoy! Be encouraged and be blessed!

I fucking hate addiction

For 24 years I lived in a sea of porn and sexual addiction

It affected all aspects of my life

It fried my brain and left me underdeveloped on so many levels

Because of seeking to drink the waters of porn of sex, I stunted my growth

Hopefully, I will stay committed to God and leave the Porn and Sex Monster alone

I know that it does not care about me

I know that it only seeks to destroy and kill me

It does not care about the work I need to do for God

But even in being clean, it continues to manifest itself in different forms and shapes

Fuck you addiction

I am saying Fuck you on my God-based web site

I know that you only represent Satan

I know that you don’t love me or care about me

You are a ruinous institution only seeking to dismember and decapitate me

So screw you and all of your minions

You are a beast in sheep’s clothing

I know that you are preying (praying) on my downfall

You will never get the best of me

I will live for God and His kingdom

I will not live for you and Satan

You are life takers

I need the life giving and light giving power of God over my life

So fuck you and all of your adversaries

You will not take over my heart and soul

Know that the Lord is the Captain of my ship

He is the wind beneath my wings

Only the Lord will give me what I need to survive

All praise and honor and glory to the King God

And fuck you addiction

You ain’t shit

A poem by Jeremy M. Thompson 2012

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